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We offer our thoughts and prayers to the people of Ukraine and their family and friends abroad at this difficult time.

Silver Jubliee Celebrations of a Mercy Outreach

This year we celebrate our Silver Jublilee,  twenty-five years of reaching out to prisoners and missionaries all over the world with the hand of friendship and solidarity. Will you join in our Silver Jubilee campaign? Will you be strong and stand with us?

Since we launched Bible Alive our outreach work to prisoners and missionaries has struck a chord. Our goal is straightforward. We want to provide our brothers and sisters, prisoners and missionaries, two different but similar groups, united by a common need, resources which encourage and support the living out of their faith and fulfilling of their mission. We have been able to perform this simple act of mercy through the goodness, kindness and generosity of our readers. 

The challenge we face is that the need is great and the resources are few. Just as the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Please do consider taking either a Loose Change Jar for yourself or a Loose Change Parish Bucket for your parish. We are so grateful for every donation, every penny we receive, no matter how small. In fact, we would be over the moon if you could spare us even some of your loose change. To facilitate this we hope that our jars and buckets are just the thing to support and assist you. Thank you for joining our campaign – don’t hesitate, your faith needs you!

At the heart of the gospel message is a very simple truth: God is rich but became poor, so that we who are poor could become rich. The nature of God’s grace is that it is poured out upon us generously and lavishly. We are blessed with every
spiritual blessing. 

Following on from this is another simple gospel truth: that, because we have received, we therefore cannot but give generously and from our hearts. God truly loves a cheerful giver, and we know it is more blessed to give than to receive. This is the very essence of the social gospel which teaches us that in the poor, the naked, the prisoner, the homeless and those in need, we encounter another Christ – we meet Jesus himself. 

Through the generosity of our readers we are able to reach out to our brothers and sisters in developing countries with resources (subscriptions to Bible Alive, Bibles and books) which encourage and support them in living out their faith. Reaching out with faith resources is a ministry of the heart – heart speaks to heart, and the letters we receive reveal this beautifully and eloquently.

Through the year we receive correspondence from parish priests, catechists, missionaries and parishioners in parishes from the developing world eager to receive Bible Alive or other books and resources. We carry a selection of these letters in Bible Alive because heart speaks unto heart. Their gratitude, thankfulness and delight in receiving these faith gifts is overflowing, moving and heart-warming, sincere and from the heart. We couldn’t offer this outreach with-out your generosity; it’s a simple as that. 

A donation to International Faith Outreach is an act of mercy because a subscription to Bible Alive encourages, inspires and brings comfort. God knows there are many demands on your generosity but, simply to say, every donation, no matter how small, is a donation from the heart, to the heart. Every donation is deeply valued and ensures that we can reach out in fraternity and solidarity to our brothers and sisters who live their faith in challenging and difficult situations and conditions. 

On behalf of the Trustees of Alive Publishing ‘Thank You’ from the bottom of our hears for your goodness, kindness and generosity.

Bible Alive Cover

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