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The Irish 4 Peaks 48 Hour Challenge

Every Prisoner Deserves a Bible!

We have a dream – a vision, if you like, and a plan. It’s simple enough, but actually quite daunting and overwhelming. Our dream, vision and plan is that Every Prisoner Deserves a Bible. 

God knows many think prisoners deserve nothing, but prisoners are our brothers and sisters and we are all graduates of the school of second chances – the university of reform and change. Every hotel visitor gets a Gideon Bible (its in the bedside draw) – why not every prisoner? 

Of course, we know, some will say: ‘What will a prisoner do with a Bible? Use the paper to roll up their cigarettes.’ We respectfully disagree – having a Bible is a basic human right and fundamental to religious freedom and human dignity.

Carrauntoohill Killarney Co.Kerry Ireland

It is only right and proper then that we endeavour to get the Bible into prisons all over the world for every prisoner. We want to complement Bible Alive with a copy of the Bible.

The Bible is God’s word and holds out guidance, wisdom, comfort, consolation and inspiration and through it, God speaks.

The truth is, resources like Bibles are slim on the ground and prison chaplains often don’t have the funding; also because of the diverse prison population they often need different language editions. For some, the Bible might be too much and the New Testament would be sufficient; for others still, it might be best to pull those chapters and verses into a single volume which will speak to prisoners.

Through the generosity of our readers we are able to send Bible Alive magazine and Walk with Me (both prayer and scripture resources) to many, many prisons and prisoners and we would like to combine this  with a copy of the Bible or New Testament or Luke’s Gospel.

The Team

Everybody thinks going online is the solution – but prisoners don’t have access to personal computers and so a print version, a real print Bible is the only option.

Just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, so too our dream, vision and plan won’t be built in a day; and this much is true, the Romans needed money to build their great city. So too, we need money and financial support to achieve our dream and we are committing to an ongoing campaign to fundraise as much as we possibly can.

We have a passion for print – hard copy, real books and real magazines are part of the mix – it isn’t a binary choice (electronic v print) it’s a preference and choice. 

We want to provide real Bibles to real people who are in prison – just as the Gideon’s are known for providing Bibles to hotel rooms – Alive Publishing is already known for providing copies of Bible Alive and Walk with Me and other resources to prisoners – we also want to be known for our slogan: Every Prisoner Deserves a Bible.

Some years ago we climbed the 3 highest peaks in the UK (Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdonia) – it was hard, even brutal (Scafell Pike at 3am isn’t the nicest place to be) not to mention exhausting, but it was also thrilling and exciting to reach the summits and complete the challenge.

Guides Darran and Kathryn

On July 3 we will set out on our next fundraising challenge and this time we are going to climb the 4 highest peaks in Ireland. With the support, guidance and expertise of Darran and Kathryn who run Two Rock Outdoor (, we will climb the four highest mountains in Ireland – Carrauntoohil, Mweelrea, Slieve Donnard and Lugnaquilla.

In and of itself this is quite a physical test of stamina, fitness and sheer endurance. On top of this, however, we are going to complete in 48 hours!

Our climbers are embarking on this challenge because they have been inspired by the Letters from the Heart we receive from prisoners all over the world! Every donation, every penny, every cent, any morsel or crumb is deeply appreciated because Every Prisoner Deserves a Bible!

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Bible Alive is a Catholic scripture magazine which draws its strength, inspiration and direction from the liturgical cycle.

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