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Bible Alive is a Catholic scripture magazine which draws its strength, inspiration, and direction from the liturgical cycle. Latest edition out now.

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Reaching Out

Loose change bucketSince the beginning Alive Publishing has always had a desire to ‘reach out’ with our magazines, books, and other resources. The very nature of the ‘good news’ is that it is to be shared, witnessed and indeed given away.

We believe that the Christian vocation is fundamentally outward looking – serving, caring, supporting, reaching others in their need.

Over 10 years ago Mike Conway, the editor of Bible Alive, was invited to interview a young man who was serving time in prison for murder. This troubled young man had killed a young woman whilst high on a cocktail of drugs and alcohol,

He lived with a terrible burden of guilt and remorse. He found peace and acceptance however on visiting the chapel and found the support and encouragement from the prison chaplain who helped him re-build his life. He was received into the Catholic Church soon after and went onto become an exemplary prisoner.

He served his tariff, did not return to a life of crime and settled back into parish life and wider society. During the interview with Bible Alive he shared how reading the Bible and having a copy of Bible Alive gave him hope and helped him draw close to God. In the light of this we invited our readers to help us reach out to a constituency who are often forgotten about, misunderstood and mostly ignored.

The response was overwhelming and through the generosity of our readers we launched International Prison Outreach through which we are able to send to prisoners all over the world Bibles, subscriptions to Bible Alive and other faith resources.

Our experience over the years has been that a faith gift such as a subscription to Bible Alive or a Bible or book changes lives and gives hope and is cherished/valued more than we could ever imagine.

In 2006, we launched another ‘outreach’ initiative called International Faith Outreach through which we are able to send missionaries, priests, religious and lay parish workers a subscription to Bible Alive, Bibles, Books and other Christian resources.

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Bible Alive Cover

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Bible Alive is a Catholic scripture magazine which draws its strength, inspiration and direction from the liturgical cycle.

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