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Prison Outreach

Prison Outreach

International Prison Outreach is an initiative supported through the kindness and generosity of our readers through which we provide subscriptions to Bible Alive, books and other Christian resources to prisoners throughout the world.

Through the generosity of our readers we are able to send Bible Alive into prisons in the UK, Ireland, Scotland, Europe and overseas.

We have always been so encouraged and moved by the feedback we get from prisoners who receive Bible Alive. We encounter in their letters humility, honesty, gratitude and thankfulness both to God but also to our readers who witness to the truth that prisoners are our brothers and sisters and we must not forget them.

Here is an example of the some of the comments we have received from prisoners:

Bible Alive helps me to journey with Jesus throughout the year. Sometimes it is hard to grasp the meaning/message of a scripture text and I feel if gives us the real message behind a verse from the Bible. Bible Alive keeps us alive in the life of the Spirit. It helps us to understand and know God in a deeper way. You give words of hope to the afflicted and in difficult situations. Bible Alive has helped me not to fear what may come but gives us courage to face the future. Thank you and God Bless.”

“Thank you for enabling Christians in prison to maintain and deepen our faith which will help us when we get out to walk with the Lord along the right path. Every day there is something that resonates and through which God speaks to me to confirm my commitment or to encourage me to walk along the way of Christ.  Thank you for the excellent quality of production, so often prisoners have to put up with third rate things because its only for prisoners and it doesn’t matter rather like much (but not all) of the treatment we get in prison especially from those who are supposed to be helping and caring for us. The quality paper, the clarity with which end page is presented and the high standard of writing show that you do care for us.  Those of us who recognized this are encouraged and it helps me to be utterly determined to follow a new path when I’m out and to keep up this constant contact with God in whatever I’m doing.  Over a period of time of course the daily readings means that most of the Bible gets read!”

Bible Alive makes me think how lucky I am and that there is always someone else worse off than me.”

Bible Alive is very put together and easy to read.”

“When I read it first thing in the morning it lifts my spirit and me going through the day.”

“It is a real treat to immerse one’s self in a daily reading and prayer and something I really look forward to. Bible Alive is a great asset to any prisoner.”

“Thank you wholeheartedly from a prisoner.”

Bible Alive embraces me into God’s family irrespective of the bars and guards that surround me.”

“I had never seen Bible Alive before. Some ladies visited the prison regularly arranged for me to receive it. It was a simple and practical gesture but it meant a lot to me and welcomed me into the Bible Alive family and I felt one with all your other daily readers.  Isolation and loneliness are real problems that effect people in prison making us feel lost and alone and hopeless. It is so important that prisoners can receive the hope and love of Jesus Christ.”

“Supplying Bible Alive to prisoners is God’s grace, love and mercy. Thank you and may the blessings of God’s love be with you. Bible Alive inspires me and helps me to think of others first and to love my neighbour. Bible Alive has brought me closer to God through the daily reflections.”

To donate to International Prison Outreach, please click here, or call: +44 (0)1782 745600

Prison Outreach
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Bible Alive is a Catholic scripture magazine which draws its strength, inspiration and direction from the liturgical cycle.

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